Hook Links / Two-Tone Coated Braid
- Two Tone is marginally finer in diameter and slightly more rigid than the original Strip Teaze. It has a tightly woven Dyneema core and a translucent polymer coating with a specific gravity of 1.25, so it sinks and lays flat along the bottom without the need for additional weight.
- Two Tone is nominally rated at 15lb, 20lb and 25lb and is lower in diameter than the most coated hook link braids of these breaking strains. However, with carefully tied 5 turn Grinner knots we obtained average achievable knot strengths that were way above this nominal rating.
- Available in: 15lb (0.48mm), 20lb (0.50mm), 25lb (0.52mm)
- Two Tone is a versatile hooklink material which can be used for a wide variety of rigs and bait presentations. Although the fast sink polymer coating is quite stiff, it is easy to smooth out dead straight without the need for steam.
- This coating can be also stripped off easily with the fingernails, without damaging the ultra fine dyneema filaments.
- Importantly, the extra stiffness of Two Tone means that the hook link tends to fall away from the lead fully extended and in a straight line, making the bolt rig system more efficient.
- The two colours of Dyneema have not only been tightly woven together but have also been semi bonded to produce a perfect round core which is extra strong.
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